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Thermal Transfer Film (Heat transfer film)

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MINSEO's Cuttable(CAD-Cutting) Thermal Transfer Film

Normal Plotter cut thermal transfer film




- PU(Solid/Neon) : Polyurethane. Eco-friendly. Thin, elastic, soft texture. More than 30 colors are available


- PVC(Vital/Fluor) : Slightly thicker than PU. Less cost. Good for larger and simple logos and numbers. More than 20 colors are available.


- PLATE (METAL) / HOLOGRAM : High brightness like metal like silver, gold, etc. Made with strong and thin polyester film.  Good for small letters due to nice cutting. Hologram are available.


- ELASTIC THIN : Elastic Thin is very elastic and soft. It is suitable for elastic fabric like swimming wears and outdoors wears. It has metallic color Brightness, but it is much more flexible and softer than Plate.


- FLAKE (GLITTER) : Brightness from tiny particles of glitters. More luxurious and valuable looking effect. Thick texture.


- FLOCK : Thick touch but soft flock texture. Letters and numbers look thick and valuable.


- GLOW IN DARK / REFLECT : GLOW IN DARK and RELECT are available. GLOW IN DARK gives luminous effect in darkness and REFLECT gives light reflection. Both are very special materials for your vector images.